Our destinations at a glance

Situated in some of Portugal’s most picturesque locations these high quality holiday homes nestle within large estates surrounded by style gardens, vineyards that produce delicious in-house wines, fruit orchards and woodlands, in the centre of secular villages, in surprising mountain areas or by the sea. With impressive out- and indoor leisure facilities, such as: horse-riding, inviting tennis-courts, great walking, pleasant swimming pools, and excellent games rooms. Meeting rooms and conference rooms are also available in several houses. In the evenings, the best of regional cuisine and wines are on the dinner table.

Lisbon and Tagus Valley

A truly captivating region of extensive vineyards, and hills crowned with wind mills, between a maritime coast with endless sandy beaches and the magnificent Tagus River, encompassing a myriad of unique enchanting attractions, ranging from historical and picturesque walled towns, cosmopolitan cities, stunning Convents and Monasteries, to bustling seaside resorts or maritime natural reserves of rare beauty and long established gastronomy reputation reference centers.


Endless golden plains embroidered by immaculately white small villages, in a bright and sunny painting, with a scenic coastline blessed with some of the best seaside resorts of soft white sands in a complete harmony with its surrounding nature, untouched by the stresses of urbanization and over-development, traversing centuries of traditions and contacts with many different civilizations, who have left their marks, shaping the beauty of this region and its unique culture.


Delightful fishing villages, bustling seaside resorts, hidden picturesque rural villages and historical seafaring towns, depicting Moorish castles of red sandstone rising over fertile orchards, amidst blooming orange and almond trees and storks’ nests, along the southern coast until the Serra do Caldeirão, where the loveliest sunny beaches make it one of the most popular tourist destinations in Europe and one of the richest regions in Portugal.

Minho / Northern Portugal

A green countryside sprinkled with picturesque granite villages, surrounded by vineyards and multi-colored fields, allowing memorable visits to Roman roads, rocky castles, medieval towers and bridges, Romanesque and Baroque churches, secular manor houses, with a natural and untouched coastline of wide dune-backed beaches and surprisingly peaceful fluvial beaches, immensely welcoming. The rich cultural heritage and traditions of local festivals bring color, merriment, music and folk dances all the year round.

Douro Valley / Northern

An amazing and unique scenery of grape vine terraces, hosting itineraries to please body and soul, delimited in the south by the Douro River and east by the Tâmega River; in a mountain region crossed by steep valleys, whose economic activity is largely centered around the production of wine, particularly the famous port. Douro and Côa valley are both classified by UNESCO as heritage sights.

Trás-os-Montes / Northern

An experience of unrevealed Portugal, in a region delimited in the west by the Tâmega River and south by the Douro River, where a wealthy variety of heritage testimonies, hospitable people, unique natural landscapes with an untouchable flora and fauna, and a delicious gastronomy in which regional products are necessarily the basis, are waiting to be discovered.


An extensive band of preserved natural landscapes, comprising the coast and stretching to the interior mountain slopes and woodlands of the territory, between the Douro and the Tagus River, of granite and schist ancient villages, rich traditions, attractive towns with an impressive array of monuments and an irresistible cuisine of traditional dishes.